Piramal Fellowship – oportunidade de bolsa por 2 anos

Ai gente do bem, esse post vai ‘in English’ mesmo pois o tempo anda curto e o termino das inscrições terminam amanhã!

Oportunidade única: dois anos de bolsa para quem se interessa em negócios com enfoque sócio-ambientais.

The Piramal Fellowship is a unique opportunity for aspiring business and community leaders to engage where business and social impact intersect. Fellows are placed in leadership roles with for-profit businesses designed for social and environmental change. The program encourages participants to channel their business experience towards solutions with some of India’s most cutting-edge social entrepreneurs.

The Fellowship builds on-the-job managerial and entrepreneurial skills and participants emerge with a strong understanding of what it takes to successfully design and build triple-bottom line business.

The Program is designed to prepare fellows for a future in social-impact business, through assistance in pursuing further education at top business schools, support for business planning, and expanding networks to enable impact leadership.

The Piramal Foundation hopes to significantly contribute to a culture of values-driven leaders who understand the power of business to do social good.


To be eligible for the fellowship program, prospective fellows must have at minimum a university degree and two years of work experience. You must also be eligible to work in India (Foreign applicants: see work visa requirements set forth by the Indian Government through the official website).

Program Structure

The Piramal Fellowship is a two year program that will begin with a ten day orientation at the Indian School of Business Campus in Hyderabad during the month of November. During this time, Fellows will be encouraged to build a peer community, explore working and living in India, learn about the Piramal Philosophy, understand the social innovation landscape in India, and attend speaker sessions led by social entrepreneurs, academicians and industry experts.

In conjunction with working with partner enterprises, Fellows are also required to attend periodic workshops that encourage participants to deepen their understanding of social innovation, debate issues relevant to their roles and future, and enhance their business skills. Workshops are also an opportunity to solve problems and re-energize. Mentorship is a critical tool for developing leadership skills. Fellows participating in the program will have access to mentorship from professors at top-tier business schools and experienced professionals throughout their Fellowship.

To learn more visit http://www.piramalfellowship.org


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