More of Damanhur Ecovillage

When I came to Damanhur, I thought I was coming to visit one community.

In fact, there are 20 communities or more. They are small nucleus, each one with your own characteristic, rules and style.

May be the only one thing in common is the main rule in Damanhur: NO SMOKING, even outdoors.

There are several altars, mandalas, garden for other realms…and some rules such as don’t touch here, don’t enter there, this day and time is only for citizens and so on.

When I say citizen, I am adapting myself to Damanhur way of life.

They have several status of residents.

Yeap! It is not easy to get in here – there are stages such as visitors, temporary experience, one year, resident and after some rituals and initiations the person might receive or present itself with a new name which should be an animal or/and a plant.

NOTE that: this is a very simplistic way to see of someone that is here just for the second day – I believe that is a process involving much more inner work, magic, Alchemy and community processes.

Today I am satisfied to hear that every week, there is an evening which Falco, the inspiration* for Damanhur comes to an open session of questions and answers with all residents.

*he doesn’t like people saying he is the guru or leader – he suggests that everyone needs to find the Inner Master, the Inner Guide, the Inner Guru.

There are more photos on our facebook – and we will keep adding to it….


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