Damanhur Ecovillage

First Day, First Impressions

It seems a bit surrealistic feel the heat boiling my body while in between the curves of the road reveals here and there amazing views of the mountains with some tops still with snow.

There is an unspoken expectation of places that presents themselves to be more spiritual: kindness, friendly services, compassion, accessibility on alternative ways to deal with material matters, etc… At least a smile.

Well, the arrival……

It started at the road when a Damanhur’s resident car stopped carelessly in one the blind spots of the curves, then on the entrance someone came out of the Welcome Center shouting…. So, I decide to take a nice deep breath and in my search of seeing things beyond, my eyes came across to some plants dying in a sunny balcony – with no second thoughts; I promptly start to water the plants until someone tells me: NO NO NO, water only in the afternoon!!!

Hmmm…. Deep inside I work through my critical mind questioning what sort of ecovillage is this one that says to develop music with plants, new generation tools and healing techniques healing, temples of Humanity, etc and etc and the plants at the entrance are almost dead!

A quotation says that we never should trust a doctor whose has dead plants!

Anyway, it must have several reasons why Damanhur has been well succeed its more than 35 years and I am here to have a feeling of it. I must be open, not judge from appearances, respect, accept and allow the flow of my experience.

Trust the process.

Give entirely to the experience.

Open heart. Open mind. Open channels.

It is siesta time is up and I am a sort of person that respect local culture.

So, from 12:30 till 3:30pm I must relax, enjoy a complete meal and then a rest.


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