Mais uma oportunidade de trabalho na área sócio ambiental

Mais uma oportunidade de trabalho verde… English!

Associate- Business & Ecosystem Services Project

Location: US-DC-Washington
Program: People & Ecosystems Program (PEP)
The World Resources Institute (WRI) seeks a results-oriented individual with project management experience, a master’s degree, working knowledge of corporate sustainability, and exposure to ecosystem services for a full-time position. The Associate will lead at least one initiative and provide managerial, analytical, research, writing, communication, and organizational support to WRI’s Business & Ecosystem Services Project in their efforts to mainstream ecosystem service-based strategies in the private sector.

A key conclusion of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment was that the earth’s wetlands, forests, coral reef and other ecosystems have been degraded. And, left unchecked, they will become worse over the next 50 years. Because businesses both depend on and impact the ecosystem services these areas provide—forests provide timber, freshwater, natural hazard regulation and a host of other services—this degradation has direct relevance to corporate performance. However, most companies fail to make the connection between healthy ecosystems and their bottom lines. This is due in part to the absence of ecosystem services concepts from existing corporate decision models such as environmental management systems, environmental impact assessments, product development protocols, life cycle assessments, financial risk analysis, and corporate reporting guidelines.

In response, WRI developed the Business & Ecosystem Services Project. In early 2008, it launched the Corporate Ecosystem Services Review (ESR), a method that helps business managers respond to risks and opportunities arising from their company’s dependencies and impacts on ecosystems. It has been used by an estimated 200-300 Fortune 500-caliber companies who note the ESR’s ability to uncover new risks and opportunities.

The Associate will be responsible for:

  • Promoting the ESR globally, with a focus on Brazil
  • Building corporate dialogues and projects of the Business & Ecosystems Leadership Group  (
  • Developing guidelines for integrating ecosystem services concepts into corporate decision making models such as ISO, Global Reporting Initiative, Environmental Impact Assessments, Life Cycle Assessments, among others
  • Supporting the testing and writing of guidelines for integrating ecosystems valuation into corporate decision making
  • Working with the agriculture, forestry, electric power, and mining sectors to develop industry-wide standards and guidelines related to ecosystem services
  • Advancing innovative incentives including markets for ecosystem services with industry, NGO, and government partners
  • Assisting managers integrated these concepts into corporations strategies and operations
  • Training environmental consultants and managers on the ESR method
  • Analyzing policies that align corporate performance with ecosystem stewardship
  • Writing papers, briefs, and case studies on this work

Major Responsibilities

  • Managing at least one initiative of the Project including strategy, engagement, outcomes, administration, budgets, personnel, and reporting
  • Working directly with corporations to advance markets the ecosystem services-based strategies
  • Working with corporate and civil society partners to embed ecosystem services considerations into corporate decision making tools and methods
  • Researching and write about corporate strategies, markets for ecosystem services, and public policies that address ecosystem service degradation
  • Developing new and managing existing internal and external relationships
  • Leading media outreach including preparation of  briefs, documents, brochures, web pages, presentations, articles, general project inquiries, among other items
  • Representing WRI at conferences, workshops, and similar forums
  • Supporting other activities as needed
  • Masters degree in economics, engineering, anthropology, business administration, or environmental science with excellent performance
  • At least five years of experience, at least two of which is working directly with the private sector or with ecosystem services
  • At least two years of project management experience including managing external partners
  • Outstanding English writing and editing skills
  • Strong research and English communication skills
  • Successful fundraising experience
  • Knowledge of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, ecosystem services, and how they relate to corporate performance
  • Ability to strategically position the Project within context of other internal and external programs and projects
  • Experience managing multiple budgets and multiple donors with different reporting requirements
  • Ability to lead teams, work in collaborative groups, juggle multiple priorities, and work under tight deadlines
  • Excellent skills in Microsoft Office, internet research, and project management software

Desired Skills & Experience

  • Experience living and working developing countries, particularly in Brazil
  • Work experience in corporate sustainability and poverty & environment
  • Working experience with ecosystem valuation,  environmental impact assessments, financial risk management, payments for ecosystem services, and markets for ecosystem services
  • Proficiency in Portuguese
  • Skills in GIS, HTML, web management, wiki platforms, and contact relationship management software
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