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Se interessa por agroecologia?

aí vai uma página com ótimos livros para baixar,

Pra quem quer saber mais e até baixar uma boa cartilha,


Brazil >> Santa Catarina

Hi Folks….

In Florianópolis, I went quickly at the Organic Market (Wednesdays at the Federal University of Santa Catarina -UFSC) and Saturdays at the Lagoa da Conceição and met Mauro Schorr from the Instituto Anima which produce herbs, artcrafts and it did sounds a good place for me to return and experience. They offer permaculture courses, massage and you can choose to wwoof or pay for your accomodation (R$40/ Dec 2008).
More info:

In Garopaba, there is Gaia Village.
Gaia Village is a private project focusing in sustainability.
The aim is to create an example of ecosystem where the human interact friendly with the environment from the perspective where Earth is Gaia; a living system.
Since 1998, they are active in the local /regional sustainable developemnt with several programs and partnerships. Monthly, they have a get together at sunset to exhange ideas.
Go further and see the reports of what is happening:

I am sure there is plenty more happening at Santa Catarina, if you know a community or project, anything that is making the world better; please send it as I will happily spread the word……..


Links in Brazil – this is just the start!

Hi Folks,

Stay in tune … this is just the start of some links of what is happening in Brazil/ South America regards of people keen to make a better world to be.
These are links ent by a friend and some research at net – soon I will be around visiting some of them!
Giev me a couple of days and i will translate it….

Morada da Floresta – (Forest´s Home)
Rua Diogo do Couto 47 – Jardim Bonfiglioli, SP, SP – 11 – 3735 4085www.moradadafloresta.orgemail para contato:


UMAPazO propósito da UMAPAZ – Universidade Aberta do Meio Ambiente e da Cultura de Paz – é fomentar e facilitar a formação de pessoas, em todas as regiões da Cidade de São Paulo e ao longo de suas vidas, para a convivência sócio ambiental sustentável e pacífica.

Grupo de debates da ..yByTU-caTu.. Home page: Para associar-se: enviar mensagens: cancelar a assinatura: ::::::::::::::..yByTU-c@Tu.. ligado nos novos tempos! – Permacultura MG
Comunidade criada com o intuito de criar uma rede permacultural no estado de Minas Gerais, com o objetivo de gerar discussões, promover ações, disseminar conhecimento e integrar pessoas…

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