what means be sustainable for you?

sustainable communities…….
is this for real? do you believe that they exist??

well well

the idea here is promote at least places that are doing something that might inspire us to move towards a better world.

sustainability become a fashion word and I try to not to use that much anymore…
can you suggest another name?

what is sustainability for you?

I can say how challenging it is as I am living without eletricity – at the start I thought it was a adventure and I would organize myself for a pedal power…3 months after I still on candles.

my friends and neighborhood say how silly I am as the eletricity is so cheap…for me is not about being cheap …
it is kind of that concept of you eating a beef and don’t realize that came from a whole cow.
the most of the energy that we consume come from not at all green energy.

it is quite irresistable just connect with the eletrical company and do not care where and how the eletricity is coming from….may be from a hydreletric that killed heaps of animals and so on? may be from a nuclear base?

and this I found deeply deeply huge question mark in myself: how much are we keen to detach from our comfort, pleasures and leisures? where is the line?

well well I could get a solar pannel. but i really do not believe they are sustainable as at the end they become rubish.

hummmm……I am still looking for a sustainable me….

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  1. Really amazing! Useful information. All the best.

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